Friday, February 23, 2007

I heart Voldie!!!

This is a Drawing I did for my amazing Creative Perspective class.
The assignment was to create a villan's "lair" And I decided to design Bellatrix Lestrange's stuy/living room. If you dont know who she is, she is a character from Harry Potter and you can learn almost everything about her here:

I decided I wanted her house to be a victorian themed twisted place where all the details were creepy or evil. She is also Voldermort's #1 biggest fan, thus the title "I heart voldie" and the ginormous like 6 foot tall portrait of him over the mantel.

Unfortunaly The printer i needed to use to print it off for my class was out of YELLOW ink so i couldt print my BLACK AND WHITE picture off and I had to tape my tracing paper to a piece of paper.. Needless to say, I dont think My teacher, Wade Huntsman, could even see past the horrible presentation to see my drawing though! hehe! There is ink now so It's all good!


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