Wednesday, February 28, 2007


This was done for my digital illustration class and for Illustration Friday...
the prompt was communication. I had to do this in cmyk channels or something which was interesting... >.>

Friday, February 23, 2007

I heart Voldie!!!

This is a Drawing I did for my amazing Creative Perspective class.
The assignment was to create a villan's "lair" And I decided to design Bellatrix Lestrange's stuy/living room. If you dont know who she is, she is a character from Harry Potter and you can learn almost everything about her here:

I decided I wanted her house to be a victorian themed twisted place where all the details were creepy or evil. She is also Voldermort's #1 biggest fan, thus the title "I heart voldie" and the ginormous like 6 foot tall portrait of him over the mantel.

Unfortunaly The printer i needed to use to print it off for my class was out of YELLOW ink so i couldt print my BLACK AND WHITE picture off and I had to tape my tracing paper to a piece of paper.. Needless to say, I dont think My teacher, Wade Huntsman, could even see past the horrible presentation to see my drawing though! hehe! There is ink now so It's all good!


Wednesday, February 21, 2007


here is a little study i did in my digital illustration class today. I was suposed to be doing something with cmyk channels but i just started drawing in black and white to try to start to get a feel for the digital medium. I am excited about the result i got... its not anything amazing but im starting to understand how to paint with the computer i think. Hopefully i will be able to get this kind of result in color!
I feel like its taking forever for me to begin to grasp this but how many pencil drawings did i have to do before they started to turn out like this... maybe a million... its all about mileage i supose...

Friday, February 16, 2007


Here is my IF post for Gravity! It was done in a "woodcut" technique that i learned in Digital illustration.
So i went for the "grave" part of gravity and made a very forlorn floating flying head. He is also flying which is going against gravity
there is some historical context to this though. The floating wing head with a wig was on some gravestones in the old first church cemetery in bennington vermont that i saw this summer. It took me forever to find a picture of one of the said gravestones to use for refference. I would think the freaky wig guy would be more popular amoung photographers but oh well!

I had fun with this technique and did a fairly simple image because of a lack of time. 'twas fun!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


here is a crap test for a scratch board technique i learned today... devon's looks really cool though you should check it out!
It was fun but i need to put some actual effort into it... yeah

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


so here is crash. the assignment was to use texture... i did that on my last one so i tried to switch it up a little and just multiply it instead of painting with it. it was pretty fun... im really tired right now though so i dont feel like writing any more... enjoy!
the subject matter is dedicated to Wade Huntsman...

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

photoshop is weird

here is a demo of a top secret painting teqnique... or whatever! I didnt really use the secrets that much but i think on this i've started to learn alot about painting with texture... Photoshop is wierd


So here is my IF painting! Sprout! yay for green thumbed hitchhikers! I had alot of fun with this and I feel like I will be able to learn to paint on the compter! The assignment was To scan in linework and paint it on photoshop.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Murray Kimber

This is a study for my digital illustration class. The assignment involves using linework that is scanned in in photoshop. The drawing is a little doodle i did this morning durring a demo/critique thing that Murray Kimber did for the Illustration majors at my school. He is awesome.
As far as the technique Im pretty excited. Im not great at it but I feel like I can learn it! This morning i was saying to myself that I didnt think That I would never choose to do an image in photoshop rather than traditionaly but after trying painting in photoshop i think that my mind is changing.
I really need to learn how to do some better blends though... i would like to have a mixture of nice transparent washes that blend perfectly and more painterly strokes. Hopefully that control will come over time as I learn how to use this!