Monday, March 26, 2007

photoshop lifedrawing

so in my digital illustration class we had some time to draw each other from life completely on the computer! soo hard! here is my best one...

Art Dump!

Now that I dont have to do Illustration Friday I decided to post some random art I did this school year that i have scanned... yeah!

This one is pretty cool because It was chosen to be in the Society of Illustrator's student show!holy cow im so excited!

A guache painting! (pronounced goo-atch-ay)

An acrylic study... actually i really like this one now that Ive had some time away from it... i really want to do more acrylic on wood

I spy

Here is my entry for Illustration friday. Its a piece i did last semester of a lonely boy asking his magig 8 ball if he will have company. Just then he spies a red bird...
its a riviting story i know! haha


Wednesday, March 7, 2007


here is my hide painting... its really more about the painting and trying to learn to paint on the computer than the concept however the idea behind it is that she is hiding her eyes behind her glasses...
you wouldnt believe how people think you cant see them just because they are wearing sunglasses(I had many strange moments when i worked at hershey park because of this.. lol)

the technique was using a warm under painting and a cool over painting and then using layer masks to "scratch" it off... its similar to a packaging tape technique that I learned in Media Experimentation...I had fun i think

I used an adorable photo from for refference...