Friday, February 16, 2007


Here is my IF post for Gravity! It was done in a "woodcut" technique that i learned in Digital illustration.
So i went for the "grave" part of gravity and made a very forlorn floating flying head. He is also flying which is going against gravity
there is some historical context to this though. The floating wing head with a wig was on some gravestones in the old first church cemetery in bennington vermont that i saw this summer. It took me forever to find a picture of one of the said gravestones to use for refference. I would think the freaky wig guy would be more popular amoung photographers but oh well!

I had fun with this technique and did a fairly simple image because of a lack of time. 'twas fun!


Michelle Lana said...

great work!

georg said...

Strong and expressive - and exciting technique