Wednesday, January 31, 2007


So here is my "cut paper" Illustration for my Digital class and IF. I am cutting it so close(class is in less than an hour) that I havent gotten to sign it... Also when i rastersomethinged it there were a couple of glitches. My file got so huge! i think it might be because my textures were way too big... but whatever. I learned alot. The most frusterating thing for me was my file size (i couldnt change computers! i finaly figured it out though) It was very time consuming... but I learned a whole lot!

As far as my subjectmatter goes... the prompt was "red" .. I guess it was inspired by the non-pc slur for Native Americans, "redskin" but I loved drawing it and doing my research. aslo the Souix women would paint red circles on their cheeks so thats my red in the picture


Raman India said...

very good effort..

really very good info

keep doing

99% bachelor

Mike Laughead said...

Great colors and great drawing. Two little things: Make the shadow under the bottom lip lighter and add more shape to the blanket, it is really angular and doesn't fit with the rest of the illo.

Adam Borg said...

I really like the textures here an the colors are really nice, good job!

Jeff said...

Great job on this! Although it doesn't have a "paper piece" look like some of the other ones I've seen, (I think it's the outlines on the hair and blanket) it looks really good. Well done.

Dani said...

I like the effort you put into this piece. The composition is good, and I like how you thought about placement and the design of different elements like the hair and the clouds. I think the hair could use a little more refinement, but the overall shape and flow of it is good. Nice job.

David Theriault said...

That is SO racist!
If someone said you had "white" skin, how would you like it?... well... um... ok, bad example.
What if someone called you "pale face"?... AHA! That's a good one. White pasty pale skinned whitey face. ooo, even better... So anyway, what were we talking about?
Oh ya... nice illustration.