Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Here is an unfinished piece I'm working on for an editorial illustration class I'm taking right now. The assignment was to take a visual cliche and rework it or something. The halo will have a faint image of the globe on it like an old map and the doves are mechanical. 

critique me!


Becky said...

I just love your style & design! Great likeness. Love the texture :)
Was this traditional?

Jake Wyatt said...

Your critique:

Where's the stuff I saw last night?

David T said...

Good likeness... but your good at that.
I get the comparison... Obama to Jesus.
I don't get his shirt... It's not something you'd see Obama or Jesus wear. I guess it's because you want him to look Angelic and white, but not have actual angel robes.
Ya... so, none of this is helpful probably... but that's all I got.
Also, I'm trying to understand the significance of the mechanic dove versus a real dove.
Maybe the mechanic dove should have a subtle "made in the USA" on it.
Either way. Nice illustration.

David T said...

Hey... Check this out.

claire said...

yes!! you posted it.

brittany said...

Becky: yes it is acrylic

Jake: you never go to anything!

David: thanks ^^ i kinda like your usa sticker idea

ha sorry it took me so long to respond >.>