Friday, April 6, 2007

sleepy hollow

so here is my digital illustration final! i just finished it and printed it out! ...i kind of messed that up and her dress is neon pink with neon purple shadows.. ahaha

so there are some composition problems i need to fix and im going to add wallpaper and fix a value problem on ichabod's face... but its as done as its going to be at this moment!
man I really am starting to love photoshop! its soo fun and Ive finaly learned to blend! yaya!!!
ohh by the way its a 2 page spread from sleepy hollow ... ichabod and katrina dancing


Devan R. Perona said...

good job!! You actually drew a man! I am so proud of you.

David Theriault said...

Nice job Brittany
And kudos on actually drawing a man!
Now you just need to draw a more manly man than Ichabod Crane. ;)

I like the characters.
The only thing is the environment is kinda generic... but that's largely due to lack of time I'm guessing.
I think a little more atmospheric perspective would be a good thing to consider.

Danielle Kuhns said...

its me and that austin LOL