Tuesday, March 17, 2009

zions trip stuffs

So I went to Zions on this environmental design trip thing. The trip was to gather reference by doing landscapes or something and taking pictures. This was the first time I had seen sunlight in like 5 months so basically I just frolicked around while everyone else was painting and took pictures. Here is some things I did:

some prismacolor thing that has a less than stellar composition

rocks... idk
I decided that bark was a cool pattern >.>

this was probably my favorite.
Bro. Barrett called it a "wandering contour" drawing.

So I don't know how to landscape paint.. >.>... and also apparently I hate rocks. The second half of the project is we will be doing an environmental design incorporating the reference we gathered. There will be a show with all the work starting May 1st.

My goal is to not have any rock formations whatsoever in my drawing! I will post more as I work on it.

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